Roof Paint


pretty bad

i had that once on a car i had to sand it off around the area and repaint it
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Mine is starting to do the same thing on the roof. Not as bad as your but its getting there. BSP is well. Along with the clear pealing on the driver front and rear door around the windows.


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thats terrible steve sorry to hear that. :( is this the first brought up case. hope it doesnt happen to many others. makes ya wonder why you never noticed it earlier. thats it toyota recall re paint for everyone lol i wish.


I have a BSP and mine had a paint problem with the roof shortly after I bought it (used, with ~100k on it). I got stuck behind salt trucks for like 30 miles in the mountains the week after I bought the truck. I'm fairly certain mine was damage from little salt pebbles hitting it since mine was more "flaking off" instead of bubbling like paint stripper hit it, but thought it was weird that my hood and other paint areas weren't affected (just my roof).


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My AAA insurance wouldn't cover mine.

They said the car was already 8 years old and that they couldn't prove if someone vandalized it, or if it happened naturally.

Because of that, they said it is a "wear and tear" issue and can't do anything about it. :motz:


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My truck is doing the same but much worse! Pictures to come soon.
I would prefer to fix it myself. What steps should I take?


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Well I had gotten an estimate to have in repainted. They're going to strip/sand to bare metal and then seal it before laying down the base and clear.


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temporary roof paint

I try to do every repair myself. This project didn't go too hot. Sanded down most of the rust (that clear coat is sure hard to get off!). Applied a coat of primer, a coat of paint, and a clear coat. Used Duplicolor spray paint for all primer, paint, and clear coat. Ran out of the actual paint (Sand Pearl Black) and clear coat so the final result looks subpar. Anyway, I did this in late July, now it's late August and the paint is starting to peel!

Should I re-do it or pay a professional to repaint only the roof? Any tips/suggestions would help. Thank you