Rubbing issues


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Anyone on here have rubbing issues due to bigger tires/wheels? What is some of the trimming did you do? If we were to rub, it would be by the body mount correct? Back of FRONT fender. It looks like when you turn lock to lock, the wheel/tire will rub the square part that sticks out (i believe it is covering body mount)

Thanks for advice/suggestions


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I wish I could help you out brother but my wheels don't rub. A proper wheel fitment usually avoids this issue. What are your wheel specs? What drop are you running?


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Thanks Steve, u always find the post. I searched but never can find it. But ill post pics of the part that rubs. I have the sitting sic drop. So I know there is the body bracket there. But i was wondering the options beside cut n weld the bracket. I was hoping I can melt or trim the plastic liner but idk what behind there.


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