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S/C pressure in nose cone?


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Jul 7, 2020
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TRD S/C with about 75,000 mi on it. I suspected a leaking snout seal with about 30000 mi. I removed the pulley and found pooling of oil on the snout seal opening, but the seal appears intact and in proper place on visual inspection. I carefully inserted a pick between seal and shaft and air pressure escaped. If the nose cone is sealed enough to hold pressure than the snout seal should be good, correct? This leaves me wondering if I am getting boost pressure in the nose cone forcing oil out of the seal. Is this plausible? What would be the next course of action to fix this? Thoughts on other possibilities?

chatt x

Aug 21, 2012
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Very possible. If you have one or both seals behind the bearings that are worn to the point of allowing pressure to enter the snout, it can force oil past the snout seal which is not designed to hold pressure. Most rubber lip seals are rated for 0 to 3 PSI. Not speaking from actual experience with a TRD blower. Speaking from experience with rebuilding industrial Roots type blowers. Same concept.
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