Saleen, XXR, SSR wheel swap ;)


I had a flat tire a Lil while back so decided to mess around with different wheels I have laying around

My daily setup are Saleen wheels lol....they came with truck when I bought it haha

The bronze wheel was a XXR 521 18x10 +15 offset on super skinny tires.

The other set of wheels are SSR Professors 18x10 rear and 18x8.5 front. Small tires as well as these are my daily driver setup for 240sx.

No spacers were used and stock suspension


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Not sure on the year of Saleen wheels. Not much of a mustang guy lol.

The exhaust is a piece of crap's a huge ricer fart can from previous owner. I'll be getting the URD most likely.

Thanks on the wheels setups. I like the SSR on there but look funny cuz the tires are Hella small hahah...on the 240, they are tucked but no tucking on this beast