Seat belt cleaning

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After searching high and low, no dice on finding a thread on the above subject. Any car detailing pros know a good and cost effective way to get dirty uniform gunk out of a seat belt without buying an $800 steam cleaner? I've tried a few cleaners in the detailing cabinet with not much success. Simple green and armor all oxy clean didn't do much. Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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I pressure washed mine. A friend stretched it out and I blasted it both sides and then closed the doors with the seat belts on the out side so the could dry. If they don't come clean the first time do it again.


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You can try soilove, can be hard to find. You can buy it online though. Cheap but it has gotten some tough stains out for me. Might work.


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I have used Tuff Stuff for this.


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A buddy of mine soaked his seatbelts in simple green and then washed them out and let them sit to dry. Made a pretty big difference.