The official exhaust thread


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Please post up videos/sound clips of your exhaust setup that you have.

-Custom (list how you customized)


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Good idea! Here is a small compilation from the net. :top:

These are just exhausts, a lot of people here are running a combination of parts to give their trucks a unique tone. They can post their vids. :top:

Stock exhaust

URD 3" Catback

Flowmaster (unknown series)

Flowmaster Super 44

Flowmaster Deltaflow 50

Single Aero-Turbine

Dual Aero-Turbine

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jardine cat back





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Here's my URD 3" Catback Exhaust (old style URD muffler), Stock Y Pipe and manifold.


My URD 3" after URD Y-Pipe installation with stock exhaust manifold.

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DT Long Tube Headers with 14" Magnaflow....
Sorry for the quality it sucks used my cellphone for the video clip."


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Stock Headers, bypassed rear cats with TRD Exhaust

TRD Intake, DT Headers, Bypassed rear cats with TRD Exhaust

TRD Intake,DT Headers,Straightpipe with TRD Exhaust on the dyno :top:

TRD S\C, TRD Intake, DT Headers, straight pipe and TRD Exhaust fly by
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Heres my exhaust. It's a coffin muffler, 2.5 inlet and outlet, stock pipe and manifold.

Thanx for the help DERRIXRYD