TOB TSB done!


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i just got my truck back from the dealership, new bearing, fork and more squeak! the clutch pedal is pressed with very little force and the clutch engages pretty quick and strong. Its enough of a difference that i have to get used to shifting again....still early in the repair but ill keep this updated as i rack up more miles


I'm putting mine in the shop Tuesday to get checked out. I haven't heard the squeak in person but I have a squeal and I dunno what the hell it is.


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Congrats, I love the fact that I don't hear that squeak anymore. It's been about a month so far since I've had the TSB done.

I also noticed that the clutch pedal doesn't need much force to press. Had to get use to it since before it was a lot more stiffer to press.


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it wouldnt make the noise when i came from offshore until i got on it like on the highway then when i would stop at my turn it would start squeaking...i brought my truck in at least 4 or 5 times complaining about it before and they would just replace the bearing or say there is nothing wrong with it..all you have to say that it does it sometimes and sometimes it doesnt...there is a tsb for a reason


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no..i actually layed the box down and installed 2 12" full range woofers in an angled box and threw a 1000watt wal mart sony on it...its ridiculously loud but very clear and the bass is amazing...thats 14 speakers total now...ill get a pic of it here in a second..i have my truck down here in fourchon


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it all looks cheesy now but im just trying to get the sound im after and eventually ill take it all out and make a fiberglass cover and build a frame on the sides for the amps and get it all pretty but im in no hurry..slowly but surely and this big yellow beast is parked across from me..intimidating indeed


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