TOB TSB Finally Done


Just picked my truck up again after getting the TOB TSB done and no more squeaks or squeals!! I told the dealer that my truck was making these noises so they checked it out and got the problem fixed...but who knows for how long. I feel like in having to re-learn how to drive a standard again. It seems real crisp while shifting. I put my coupe 8.5" chopped shifter with nst ssk back on and it kinda feels like a new truck. I'm pretty pleased with driving it far lol.

And I finally got to install my new AFE Stage II SI (with red grommet NOT installed lol), new tinted "street warrior" coupe acrylic cover and fuse box cover. (thanks again for the awesome products James)



I wish I could take mine in for the same repairs

:laugh:^^^^^^^^. Make the drive to louisiana and go to the dealer i went to lol. I brought it in for the squeak last tuesday but they didnt hear it til it was time for me to pick it up. Then they told me that they made an appointment to bring it back in monday for the repair and had a loaner '11 camry (which is a really nice wife wants one now) til the repair was finished. And yes i know my engine bay is dirty....i work in road construction and i cant get away from the dust and dirt. The outside of my truck is worse than this lol