traction bar of choice


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Kind of an older thread but I’ve been looking at the urd trac bars...I see they use your carrier bearing as the front mount...I have a base model 2wd truck that has a one piece driveshaft therefor no carrier bearing...Does anyone know of another company that makes trac bars for the regular cabs?


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I have the bud built track bar its not bad it doesn't fully get rid of axle wrap in the rain like the caltrack's do

only thing would change is to get rid of the plunger style frame mont and go to shackle far less binding when getting sideways and swap out the shackle ends with a creeper joint.

I may do this once I start autocrossing again once I get a standalone ecu
On a side note, how do you know if you have a bad transmission mount on one side? I have the auto and it jerks to one side when it shifts sometimes