Trd sc 50 shot vs 5.0 mustang


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With all my mods with torco octane booster shooting 50 shots of nitrous I raced my friend with a mustang 5.0 with intake and full exhaust no tune but dyno'd at 409 whp and 392 wtq. From a 40 roll it was a close race! Not sure what his gearings were but he had the slight edge and would creep away slowly. I wasn't shooting through the whole rpm range since I push a button to shoot it and I let off early to get ready to shift into the next gear. I haven't used nitrous much but I'm happy with what my truck can do. All for fun. Just thought I'd share
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what mods did you have to do if any to support running the 50 shot? are you still on the trd reflash and what size pulley?