TSB: Oil Leak From Front Timing Cover '05-'08


it says they got to drain and refill the oil and coolant. They will fill it with toyota 5w30 conventinal. I run synthetic.


wow man. i just checked mine and there is some oil but not near as bad as yours. yours has likes small chunks.
No pics, but the TSB say it's "where Bank 1 cylinder head, engine block, and timing cover meet."
When facing your engine, it's on your left (passenger side). See the diagram on page 4 of the TSB in the first post.

Mine was grimy behind and below the pulley on the vane pump assembly. If you crawn under your truck, you can look up and see how dirty it is up there!

Don't know if I can get a good shot of it, but I'll try...


Front Top View:

Bottom Side View:


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Dropped the X off this morning for the TSB and they gave me this gutless Ford to drive in the meantime:



The internal louvers/slats in the headlight housings are kinda slick:




louver/slats in head lights...put some eyelids on the top and bottom and it would look like is had asian us like us steve...:laugh:


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I had 59,700 miles on my truck with s/c and x1 and all other sorts of random shit and the dealership @ 25k thought it was the PS pump so they replaced that in KY but when I moved to CO the dealership here listened to me it was weird and they actually fixed the TSB as stated and removed and replace the S/C and everything, of course I went back over all their work and little behold they pinched my crank seal and didnt tighten my coolant line back but they fixed it in the end. Never got a loaner tho.... lucky.


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Just had my X checked by the dealer and they confirmed my leak was covered by this TSB.

I have to go back in next Monday for them to pull the motor and fix it! :thumpdown:

At least they'll give me a loaner while it's being done.
Pull what motor? They dont pull the motor out the truck to fix that leak. It is all done inside the engine bay.

will the toyota extended warranty cover this? mine started leaking after the nst pully installed.
Most entended warranties will work with you on having it fixed but they may not cover all the labor. That would be soimething you have to check with them on when you bring it to the dealer. The NST pully has nothen to do with the oil leak on the TSB. The crank seal can get pinched real easily installing another pully.
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Pull what motor? They dont pull the motor out the truck to fix that leak. It is all done inside the engine bay.
That's what the guy at the service counter said and that's what was on the TBS the gave me said, but I talked with the mechanic and they said that you can do it all in the bay.


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from the factory there is a spot on the timing cover that doesnt get enough F.I.P.G and after a while it might leak. not all do it but some do. and no ive never pulled the engine or even the oil pan on any of the dozens ive resealed



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For some its just the power steering pump causing the timing cover to seperate and create a leak, so remove the ps pump from the block and let it hang out of the way and file down the cover a bit until its just snug but not awful tight like it is factory and re-install and tighten down. For some that's all it took to get te proper seal for others you may need to remove the cover and add a new bead of FPIG


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What hottacoX said.

The part of the PS pump, where it fits between the timing cover bolt hole and head bolt hole, is to long. It pushes the timing cover away from the head. Also in that spot is an excessively machined area which is already having a hard enough time sealing. As if it was designed to fail, and it truly looks that way.

File off some of the PS pump, so that it just slides in, and tighten it back down. If that doesn't fix it, then clean the area well with some Brake Clean. Then use some Mr. Gasket gasket maker which comes in the aluminum bottle that has the tip that squirts it out.

Dab it on the area with your finger, covering the area well. It should fix it up.

Just fixed a leak on my timing cover with the same method, but in a different area.


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I wiped the area off today to see where its leaking and I think the inspection plate warped when they welded the oil return line. It looks like its coming from there..


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Kicking this thread. Yeah, I've got this leak too. ~210k miles myself. Going to call them just to ask. I'm replacing the timing chain and head gaskets anyways. Just curious what they say ‍♂️

Definitely let us know. No leaks yet, but I only have about 90K miles on my 08. Curious if a new power steering pump or front cover is required. You should start a new thread with your procedure.