Ucon ems


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yeah let me know. im still waiting to finish up my E85 tune.. then i gotta go back n do my gas tune cuz of the injector size change. so gotta get the fuel trims back within their parameters...
Is the E85 ok with the OEM rubber and seals on the GRFE because on my outboard motors ETECS they recommended not to use fuel with Ethanol because it damages the seals have you checked into this?


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To tell u the truth no...Anybody know? I hope it doesnt but idk nobody through my whole endeavour has said anything and i have talked to alot. of folks..
I also want to be able to go E85.. but I want to be sure it won`t harm my internal gaskets and seals.

I heard the statement from a certified ETEC master mechanic we are talking about a $22,000.00 two stroke motor so (1) motor is worth more than my X and I have two of these puppies to take care of.

The mechanic told me to stay away from ethanol all together on my 2 strke motors it holds too much water and it is bad for the injectors he recommended a good in line filter with water separator and clear basin drain valve to see water when it collects if I am to modify to E85, once everybody figures out the proper engineering which filter etc,I will join in and burn moonshine it will give an extra 50 rwhp with Tennesee mountain firewater lol.


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lol....Well per APR website it says our fuel systems are ready for it all we needed r the injectors and of course the x1...So ???..Either way it runs good for now i just wish i had it all done...i want to go to the dyno and the 1/8th already
Good luck Bud I will do a little more research before I do it but if it is Ok I will be feeding corn to Miss Daisy, Im sure she will like the Whisky.. how is the exhaust smell on your corn machine; mine smells like a 66 GTO with a HOLLEY 1050 lots of raw fuel, I think I will do a tune after I do Fidanza Spec and cams.Soon!:top:


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ha..lol....yeah i know that smell....definetly a whole lot more bareable...just today i was riding around with all the windows down even the rear one..normally all the crap swirls in and it reeks but this time its like smelling candy..lol


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Sigh.......for the day that I can run E85....and not have to worry about having different tunes. Just one that works for both. Sigh. Next year. Next year....


It is not the same as the X-1. There are some similarities in operation and I can tell you it works much better, but the hardware and software is totally different.

We will have configuration files for all the different combinations that people are running, N/A, URD, TRD and so on.

Does it start on the first crank? Unlike the X-1:hmmmm2:


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I fired one company that was supposed to make the connector for me.

Got two others that are fighting over the business now. Whoever gets me the usable part with the best deal will win and I can get harnesses and a new UCON going.


So whats the estimated wait for that? Mid 2012?


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So... lets say I've ordered 2 of your 3 supercharger kits and lots of other stuff from you. Any chance you could slip one out the door without the rest of the kit?