URD Black Friday Sale


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URD is announcing our Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale.

Most everything is on sale, including URD Supercharger kits!!

Most things are already listed as on sale on the URD site, for anything not listed as on sale, use coupon code


For 15% off!!

All orders must be placed online through our website. Our staff will be away for the holiday!!

There are some things that are excluded from the sale. Magnuson will not allow any sales on their superchargers for Toyota applications this year. I know, sucks. You are always free to call and discuss this issue if you like.....

The other thing is the new URD / Whipple supercharger system for the 2010-2012 FJ Cruiser. Sorry.....


Hello Gadget,

The 15% worked fine on the 7th injector kit, but not on the 2.7 SC pulley. Order number 41876.
Thanks for the BF sale, scooped up the URD Y-pipe as well. Got my wideband gauge ready to go!


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I just tried using the coupon code for the URD MK3 Supercharger kit 09-11 and it didn't work. I typed it in as seen in the post above, is the sale over?


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Anyone want a deal on one of those other brands of supercharger we have let me know....
If I didn't already have one I'd have called you already!!

To the rest of you.....Hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge

shaX 07

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I couldn't log in to my URD account earlier, I did the 'Forgot Password' thing and I never got an e-mail. Now the site won't even load for me at all, I get
You don't have permission to access / on this server."

I sent Gadget a PM and got no response.