URD July 4th Sale


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Happy Birthday USA!!

4th of July Sale

Lots of stuff on the URD site on sales for everything else use coupon code


for 10% off!!!


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Notice the date of the post from last year....... if there is, you'll probably hear about it tomorrow...


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I signed up to get emails about news letters and sales I never got anything from URD this 4th. Thinking of a S/C system from URD.

I did get an early deal from Tom at SOS for a 2 piece BB kit! I email him to ask if he was going to have a sale this year he hooked me up! Now I can do noise wheelies!
Another thing about SOS/StopTech's 2 piece kit. Is the stock brakes w/ everything weighed
Comes in @ 28 lbs w/ baby rotors the full 345mm StopTech kit weighed 25.8 lbs. I got the solid rotors too.

What kinda deal did u get? If u don’t mind me asking.

Sure, I think his sale is still on? Look at the website and give him a ring‼️ He’s been super to me because I always try to buy from him. I got his lowering kit on my truck and have ordered his kits. I have a pricey spring-compressor so I do side jobs and recommend his stuff.
Again he takes good care of his customers!

AZ / Randy