URD Product Bashing Debunked

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Its really sad when Vendors bash other vendors. Just like in real life, when you bash people or things, its becuase you are jealous or envious of them.
i.e-I bash O$U & scUM bc I wish PSU would beat them every year and playin in a BCS bowl every year.

This something that Klint needs to take care off. There are the TRD guys and there are the URD guys. We each have our won preference in performance MODs, neither is bad. We just personally think one is better than the other. I rib peps for having the TRD S/C, but I'm only joking. :biggrin:

This is something that could tear the forum apart, b/c people are going to side w/ their favorite vendor, etc, etc...which I am afraid of. :frown:

Its time for another tune Gadget, I have the DTLTs now....:top: Installing the LC-1 Thursday.


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Busstteeeeeeddd :biggrin:

Nope, its not me. If it was I wouldn't be posting in the XRU "No Fly Zone".

I may have debated things in the past publicly with people (and that's all they were was a debate).

However, I don't send PMs/Emails to new customers progressively pursuing to cheat URD out of a sale.
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I too love my urd products.. I've known of urd before the x was ever out.. gadgets very well respected by me and even though I could be concidered a trd boy I luv them urd product that makes it go fastta....
g man this is bs as we talked about before.. its a darn shame if someone feels that passionate about urd sucking that they would have a product to offer as a upgrade..... but wait its just plain hard to beat A plus product.....

funny how we are missing a few vendors from replying..

if u really want to get to know gadget, spend some time with him and watch how many phone calls he get.. good day or bad day the guy stops what he's doing to help the person on the other end of the phone.. URD is a stand up company.. they have their times as we all know when the right hand doesn't perform as well as the left.. but hell that's why we have 2 hands.. and in the end they make it right....... that's what its all about.. making it right..

thanks gadget and company for all u do in the toyota community!


Gadget: sorry you guys are experiencing bashing from jealous vendors. All the vendors that I have dealt with are honest and straight forward. not saying the 1 vendor is better than the other. In my observation all the vendors on here have great products and great customer service. I haven't got any email/pm from any vendor bashing on another(especially URD). I greatly appreciate all the great info/help you guys give us. not to mention the great products that are available. without the vendors there wouldn't be great products. can't we all just get a long....:dontknow: I understand that its a business and there's always going 2 be competition amongst vendors(usually friendly). but that is why XRU was created...because other forums/sites love to bash others ideas/informations. thanks again gadget for the great products and all the great info/help that you provide the Toyota and XRU Family...:top:
Why not just say who it is and support it with the evidence, rather than continue with all this drama :dontknow: This forces readers of this thread to have to make their own conclusions, correct or not... This makes all the vendors look bad, guilty or not.
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