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TLDR: it costs us about $300/yr to keep XRU running now and we have no income from vendors or product sales anymore - and really haven't for a couple years. Every dollar helps offset the cost that I personally pay to keep the site running, even primarily as an archival information source. If you could spare even a small amount, $2-$5 I would be grateful for your help. Donations are not required - the site will always be free. But if you feel so inclined and have found XRU valuable, your help would be appreciated.

You can donate here
or by using the donate link at the bottom of the page


As many of you know, the site was down for the past 36 hours or so and this was due to a billing issue. However, it's a good reminder for me that ever since the X-Runner was discontinued, XRU has seen steady and significant traffic loss. This traffic loss and a decline in the market for parts caused the site to lose most of the vendors that we once proudly promoted. For the ones that still remain, we don't charge them to be here because it's more important to have the parts be available to the remaining truck owners than to have a few vendor dollars each month.

But it costs real money to run a website. The good news is that lower traffic means less expensive hosting fees.

If you've found XRU helpful or valuable, I'd just ask that you consider donating a couple bucks to help offset some of our expenses. The last time XRU asked for any money (and this was through a donation software bug) was back in 2009. I know it's Christmas time and everyone's budgets are tight, so I really appreciate you reading and considering helping us out.

Thanks again for being a member and contributing to such an awesome community of X-Runner owners.


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Hey guys, thanks so much for offering to help out with a small donation. Sorry that the donation links didn't work. I've updated them so please give it a try again when you get a chance.


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Anyway you guys could get a store going again selling stickers and shirts. Maybe start a group buy on shirts and charge more if it’s going to this great cause. Or a pre order. Just a thought.


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Thank you all for the donations! You have no idea how much each little bit helps.

I'm giving some consideration to bringing the XRU store back online and doing some limited runs as group buys. Keeping stock or doing one-off sales here and there doesn't really make sense with the lower quantities that we do. But I would like to have some stuff for you all to rep the community.

Let me give this a little more thought and determine the easiest/most effective way to make it successful.


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Thanks for keeping this going. I got my X way back in '11 and just started working on it. This site has a ton of useful info. I almost cried when it went down