what are the current gas prices in your area?


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I'm not babing mine, I'm hammer down. But I'm driving a lot less. I won't run across town on a whim anymore. Also I'm consolidating trips.


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All my stuff runs on 91 octane because of a supercharger or high compression. I paid $4.99 a gallon for it 2 days ago. I expect to see $5.49 pretty soon.


The station by work was $4.99 a recently. Today I noticed it was $5.49. A couple days ago I filled my 91dd and my X on the same day and it was $140. x uses super because of the supercharger.


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Los Angeles county's average regular gas prices are at an all time high... $6.221 per gallon!
Just filled up at my local Costco this morning at $5.79 per gallon... what a bargain! :rolleyes: