Wheel color photoshop please


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I need a photoshop of the wheels being. A different color. I been thinking more like a gun metal. Or whatever other color you think is best, any opinion are welcome. They were originally gold, but lost is color.


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Assuming that you want just the spokes GM and not the whole wheel:


(too lazy to chop the reflection!)

blu xr

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the whole rim gun metal would look pretty cool too...

...i dont think anyones done that yet.


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Thanks Steve, it sure look sweet. And yep you got it right just the spoke. Once I get it done. I'll post pics.


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Can one of you shooping wizards make these black. How about with chrome dish and one completely black.

Glad to see that you are coming to your senses, bkack with chrome lip will look nice although you might want to start your own thread, sometimes these threads don't get looked at again after the OP request has already been satisfied!