Wheel tire question

New xrunner owner looking for some advice. Stats on the truck: niche Venice 20 inch rims (8.5 on front with 10 rear). The PO put on 295/45/20 tires on the rear and 275/45/20 on the front. This seems a bit large and although it looks ok the front rubs not on the weird black frame square but on the swaybar. I can go smaller but I don't want to run a hot wheel like truck. The tires are near the end of their life. I was thinking of keeping the height but trying a skinnier tire. I have heard there are some wheel gurus here. Keeping stock height.


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I run 255/35/20 on my 8.5” wide wheels. The size you have is way larger than stock. Your speedo reading is off and unless you’ve got a BBK you’re over stressing the undersized stock brakes. Get as close to stock overall diameter as you can.


Thanks. They looked way bigger than stock. Propably will shrink them down the the front to 255/40/20 and 275/40/20 in the rear. I have the stock brakes I believe and I am doing regular driving. I will possibly go smaller as well.

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Ya that’s a big tire for a 20. I run a 255/40/19 front and a 285/40/19 rear. I will be changing the rear to a 285/35/19 next time. That second number is the aspect ratio. If you have a wider tire that number even smaller will be taller. So a 255/45 on the front will be smaller than a 295/45 on the rear. Go with a 255/40/20 front and a 295/35/20 rear and you’ll be much happier.