White on BSP...


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...yeah I know, it's been done. That's why I did it! Because it looks so cool. Winter probably wasn't the best time to mount them but what the hell. Most extra money is going to the Roadster so I'm a couple of years away from paint. What's the solution??? STICKERS!!!!
I know I know, what are you like 5? Or a teenager with a 240sx?
White stickers look so cool on black.
ESR's in White, 18x8.5 (+30) up front, 18x10.5 (+22) in the rear. Michelin Pilot Sport 45's all around.
One thing I noticed, even in the rain, is it's a lot harder to break her loose. 8.5's keeps her tracking well on Seattle's grooved streets.
Bought on eBay here http://www.ebay.com/itm/201622443826
More stickers coming.