Wideband Shoot Out


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Got the email article yesterday and it is an interesting read:top:
Every wideband, but the aem and innovate, were at least +/- .50
aem and innovate were +/- .10


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That is a very interesting article for sure.

After reading that and seeing the results, im very glad Gadget recommended the innovate wideband to me awhile back. :top:

man that would suck to have one that was +/- .5 or more off...


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Well it appears the wide-band shootout article now requires you to be a member of their site to view the results. I managed to find a pic of the results off another forum and figured i would post it in this thread too for future reference. :top:



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Found this on another site about the shootout kinda long but interesting:

Well look what I found on IMS, I knew I was right when I thought the wideband shoot out was a crock of ****. This is why high school drop outs shouldn't conduct scientific experiments.

Any test that puts an AEM wideband in 2nd place is clearly ****ed up.

I posted the article from the ford magazine that Blackdeath posted on SRTforums and one of the vendors contacted the vice president of zeitronix about answeres as to why there wideband did so shi*ty. He responded.
Regarding the recent Fordmuscle wideband shootout.
We have spoken to Mr. Mike Kojima, the author of the Fordmuscle shootout and got first hand test details.

The tests were done using Innovate methodology and Innovate equipment.

There were several major flaws in the test, including but not limited to the way the O2 sensor was exposed to the test gases.

One of the major test flaws was reading the AFR value from the Zeitronix Zt-2 analog output using the Innovate logger. There is always a voltage drop on the power-ground wire caring 12W of O2 sensor heater power and offsetting the AFR value. Reading the AFR value from the Innovate digital output but logging a raw Zt-2 voltage using Innovate logger suspected the Zt-2 AFR reading to the voltage drop, noise and Innovate logger analog to digital conversion offsets and conversion time. The Zeitronix ZDL datalogging software should have been used to read the AFR value from the digital output of the Zt-2; not any other product brand. Using the Innovate analog logger gave Innovate LC-1 unit, a half track length advantage in this 1/4 mile race. We either start from the same line or this test is not valid at all. This is an absolute violation and unscrupulous action.

The same goes for the "latency" measurement. The Zt-2 AFR readings were obtained by using the Innovate logger and software.

The Zeitronix ZDL software was not used in the test but scored the lowest.

Moreover, the Zt-2 scored the lowest in "ease of use" category. You know first hand how easy is to get the AFR value from the Zt-2. It takes two wires to be connected to +12V and ground plus the O2 sensor placed in the exhaust stream to read the AFR. The Zeitronix LCD display plugs and powers up directly from the Zt-2.

As you suspect, Fordmuscle is sponsored by Innovate.

At this point we are requesting comments to be added to Frodmuscle Wideband Shootout immediately.

Thank you for your patronage.
Vp Eng Zeitronix Inc.
Some valid points.I think another shootout by a different group is needed.:dontknow:
Oh and not trying to start an argument just thought it was interesting