WTB polyurethane mount


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Polly stuff is more of a PITA than it is worth.

I did the Long Travel suspension on my 96 4Runner and it came with poly bushings. I had to replace them every year or two. They degrade and fall apart.

You may just be installing something that you will have to replace on a regular basis so be aware of that and decide if it is worth it or not.


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Looking some polyurethane engine and transmission mount.

Tim at DMZ Fab makes engine/trans mount kits that fit very nice. 2 of the 3 mounts I’ve installed have been from him. Can’t say enough nice things about Tim.

My intended purpose for mounting was for a friendly relationship between coil bucket gussets and URD long tube headers. The rubber mounts will allow enough engine movement (offroad) to allow contact between the two. The unforeseen benefit I received was eliminating a drive line oscillation.

Like gadget mentioned, it’s going to incur some added maintenance and it’s a tough place to get tools and fingers into.
After a number of installs and reinstalls I’ve developed a good system, but the first one was a bear (more so because the first fabricator’s mount I used didn’t fit properly).

My truck and the few others I know haven’t had to replace the bushings yet, but it’s something I keep an eye on.