X-Fest 2017?


I don't know how many of us Canadians are going to be able to make it down for that weekend. It our thanksgiving....


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I feel like that would be really short notice....I prefer to give more than a month
A few months would be better. Even though I can't come anyways I still wouldnt of been able to make it. Too short of notice.

Not that I'm telling you how to plan things. But I go to an mr2 meet every year with my brother (where I broke my truck lol). It was in july. The meet was announced in February. Makes for a lot of time to plan for it. I'm willing to bet if more notice was given the turnout would be a lot better.

Anyways. Hopefully I can make a long awaited appearance next year lol
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I will be reserving the hotel block tomorrow morning when the group sales director returns from an event. Once I can confirm we have hotel rooms I'll make a formal announcement.

Happy Halloween ;)