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XRU GUIDELINE XRU Forum Rules & Guidelines

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Dec 10, 2006
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XR-Underground.com is an online community of X-Runner enthusiasts. We really pride ourselves on being a different kind of forum; one that doesn't allow flaming or bashing of other members, member's vehicles or member's opinions. With that said, we also welcome your opinions as well but we ask that you always present those opinions and feedback with respect. If you want to cuss and make aggressive comments, there are plenty of other Toyota forums that advocate such behavior so please go do it there.

This attitude has created a forum of much more than just X-Runner owners, but friends as well. If you have ever been to an XRU sanctioned event, you will quickly understand what we are all about. While the trucks bring is together at a location, the relationships and friendships are really what it's all about.

We like to keep the rules simple here at XRU and most of these can be summarized by the slogan of an old friend of mine... "Be nice, or be gone." However, due to some past issues with not having a formal list of rules posted, we feel that it is something that we must do to justify the actions of our staff. So here goes...


Be nice, or be gone.
We really pride ourselves on being a "No bashing, no flaming" forum and we take it very seriously. We do not tolerate rudeness in the public forums. If you have something rude to say - do it in a PM. Any member who is intentionally disrupting the public forums or violating this rule will be subject to punishment (including posting probation or banning).

No political, religious or racial content.
We try to promote a community atmosphere here at XRU and allowing such volatile topics simple pits people against one another. Therefore we do not allow threads that are specifically about religion, politics or race. If you wish to discuss these topics, please find a forum that is more open to these subjects. Limited references to religion and politics are allowed (for instance,"my prayers are with you" or "could you please pray for my father..."). These are simply religious references and are not intended to spark a religious debate... so don't.

No typing around the word filter.
You may not post words or URLs that are censored by the website. This includes adding spaces, dots, or substituting any other characters that are intended to defeat the censors in place by the XRU forum.

Keep it clean.
Members need to remember that this forum is aimed at a general audience and that our demographic spans from 15-60 years of age. Posting pornographic or generally offensive text, images, links, etc will not be tolerated by XRU. No use of explicit, obscene or otherwise vulgar language or images and/or messages, including racist remarks are allowed.

Keep it legal.
Any posts that encourage illegal activity will be removed. The user posting the material in question will be up for review by the XRU staff. Punishment could include posting probation or a permanent ban.

No excessive thread bumping.
Bumping a thread means intentionally posting in order to have the thread displayed on the home page, forum listing page, or new posts page. This violation of the terms of use creates clutter and frustrates readers. Threads in question may be permanently removed at the discretion of the XRU staff.

No spam.
You may not advertise any business or product (including within signatures) without prior written permission from XRU. If you are interested in promoting products via XRU, please review our vendor packages here for more information.

No cross-posting.
Cross-posting is not allowed on the XRU forum. Cross-posting refers to posting duplicate threads or posts, or linking the threads or posts already started with the intent to gain additional expose. These threads may be removed at the discretion of the XRU staff.

Excessive and Unnecessary Posting.
This forum is meant to be a valuable source of information. While we like to make it fun and entertaining as well, any excessive posting in any or all forums can and will result in those posts being removed.

No posting for/about banned members.
You may not post on behalf of any member that has been banned or put on probation from XRU. This includes forums, private messages, signatures, email features, photos, videos, or any material that is on behalf of the banned user.

No multiple usernames.
One user account per user. If you have lost your password or account information, please email webmaster@xr-underground.com for assistance.

Remember, using ALL CAPITAL OR ALL BOLD LETTERS OR LARGER FONT SIZES is considered yelling and it makes the forum more difficult to read. (That means you TACOMATOSED) :laugh:

Keep posts on topic.
No irrelevant or off-topic posts will be allowed. Posts which are not relevant to the thread or forum topic may be removed at the discretion of the XRU staff without prior notice. No derailing (topic changing/thread jacking) of threads because you do not agree with their content. If you don't like what you read, don't post anything. Don't take it off topic simply because you don't like it.

Multiple / Inconsistent IP Address
In an attempt to minimize multiple/troll accounts, we require that users utilize and post from consistent IP addresses. Now, we are very aware that some of you use AOL and some of you work for companies that use proxy servers so this rule will not be enforced on every account and post. But, if the XRU staff suspects an account to be utilizing a proxy server to exploit this website, it's users or vendors - we reserve the right to question that user and potentially ban that user account.

User Bans

All users that are banned from the site are voted on by the XRU staff. It requires a unanimous vote of the entire XRU staff to enact a ban. An XRU administrator may overrule a vote at any time.

Post editing & deleting by XRU Staff

XRU Staff members (moderators and administators) may edit or delete posts for any reason, at any time, without notice to conform with the forum rules displayed on this page. Please do not debate these rules publicly or via PM with XRU staff or other members. The rules are simple --- just go with it.

Respect the XRU Staff

Do not disrespect the XRU staff members. Be respectful in both public forums and private communications. Staff members are volunteers that donate many, many hours of their own personal time to help manage the forums and offer everyone here a great place to waste time and learn. Violations of this rule will not be tolerated and may result in posting probation or a permanent ban.

Uploaded content becomes the sole property of XR-Underground.com
If any user or visitor uploads content (including but not limited to photos, audio, or video) to XR-Underground.com, that content becomes the sole property of XR-Underground.com and may be used, distributed or sold in any way without giving credit or any kind of royalties to the original owner.

Vendors Sections
For more information click here.

The XRU staff reserve the right to add, modify, or remove any of these rules or guidelines at any time, for any reason without notice. Rules changes and additions apply to all past, current and future posts and applicable content.

Above all... have fun here! This is a great forum with a ton of resources, lots of great users and friends, and an awesomely dedicated group of vendors. Respect the space but also make it your own.

XRU :rockon:
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