zupr4 wheels on an xr?

blu xr

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not sure if the fitment would work, but curious what they would look like on an xr.
found these for sale on cl...

wheel info:

Front - 18x9
Rear - 18x10
Center bore - 66.5
Offset - 32




Isn't the tacoma centerbore 106.3mm or 106.1mm?

The centerbore for these wheels are 66.5mm.

You'll need one heck of a hub centric ring. Imagine trying to squeeze your size 10 feet into a size 5 pair of shoes.


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I know this isn't the correct thread...
And I can't remember if it was you Mr. Blu XR or Billy 182, but...
My go-to guy is the Service Writer at the Toyota dealership that I buy hats from AND...DRUMROLL...
He traded in his "Supra" because of oil consumption issues he started having before the 6 month mark...
Obviously, he couldn't check his oil level ( German "engineering" ), but the dash said " ADD ONE QUART OF OIL "...
Just thought it was funny...