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Jan 17, 2021 at 2:40 PM
Dec 10, 2006
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Jan 17, 2021
    1. Justin Kantor
      Justin Kantor
      Can you delete my account? I sold my truck.
    2. captainkimhawk
      Would you take $500 for sway bars?
      1. K2
        Sorry, they are already sold. $650 shipped
        Dec 21, 2020
    3. hapamulan
      Hi, I'm newer here but can't seem to figure out how to pm you about your coils.
      1. K2
        Sent you a PM
        Dec 11, 2020
    4. Seamless
      Hey there. Would you be willing to ship the front coils and sways to FL? My truck is on the come-up mod wise and I def need the front coils but wouldnt mind getting all of it if we can work a deal. Thanks!
      1. K2
        Sent you a PM
        Dec 11, 2020
    5. Yeloxrunner
      Hey there, I saw you had the x runner logo in a vector format. Please PM me
    6. AZ Sun Lover
      AZ Sun Lover
      K2, I see you purchased a set of XII coilovers from a member. My apologies but could you please take a few photos of the brake line mounts and send them to me? Please!
      Thanks for your time and help!
    7. Tan Nguyen
      Tan Nguyen
      K2 can you message me would like to start a groupbuy for a Tailgate Spoiler original design.
    8. lingenfelterm
      I was curious if you still had XRU stickers/decals for sale?
    9. RedXRunner
      My Radiant Red is sexier then yours
    10. JAY
      Hey man just joined i really like wat you all got going on here. I got my X-runner in march of 05 not knowing wat i was getting into i see now that the possabilities are endless and being able to join xru makes me feel like i could be a part of something big. Mad props to you brother. thanks
    11. blackx-runner
      so i notice you and steven get online at the same time.... do you roll out of bed together or does he get up and cook you breakfast cause you are the *****

      edit: just pullin your wank and thought it was funny you showed up at the same time :laugh::ahhhhh: Please don't ban me
    12. Tapp
      "pecker kick you" wtf steven..HAHA
    13. illmeg4fun
      I didnt hear back from you about X-Fest so I just put up a donation instead.
    14. XNU
      Man, I just want you to know that you are doing am awsome. I love the site. I love everything about the X_things. You are the man.
    15. Stevenredx
      I'm going to pecker kick you :laugh:
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