Clutch release bearing squeak TSB!!!


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Otay, as some of you may know, our trucks have had tranny problems and I mean transmission problems, not those chicks with sticks that Nate likes......Anyhoo.... I have had my X in and out of the service Dept for 2 clutches, 3 TOBs, 1 Bell housing, 1 Input shaft and sleeve. Got the run around from the dealer, and finally had a decent service advisor tell me back in June 2010 that new parts were expected to be out in November of 2010 and to check back with them then. So finally I checked back with them today and they said to bring it in and the service advisor was so kind to give me a copy of the following TSB that should be a fix to our problems......"SHOULD BE" We'll see how it goes. My Truck is there now awaiting parts and the same tech that serviced it last time.











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Soooo... this means what?

So apparently on page 4 will give you a better look at it. It appears the parts being replaced with give it a more straight forward push proving an even distribution of pressure as before it was uneven putting abnormal were on the TOB and not appling even pressure on the clutch causing them fail prematurely faster than 13 year old virgin.

I will have better answers tomorrow when i speak to the tech...the service advisor i spoke with had no idea what was going on and was fresh from Ford.


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So I assume this TSB only applies to those still under their factory powertrain warranty?:dontknow:


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6 thousand miles past this coverage .. nice find F toyo for limiting it to such small amount of miles


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That is some sh*t, i work for Mazda and they just came out with a TSB on their(04-09 RX-8) clutch pedal. Now its just an inspection but if you find a defective one they cover it up to 100k or 8 years! Thats the action Toyota needs to take in my opinion!:thumpdown:


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Too bad the A hole dealers near me won't touch my truck with a 10 foot pole. Last time I took it in for this was at 53K and now I'm at 65k:thumpdown: PHUCK TOYOTA!!! Bet this still won't fix a damn thing


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My truck just got a new gear box and these upgraded parts less pressure plate. Clutch feels much better now. Much smoother actuation.


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I just bought the TOB kit from G. Didn't have that squeek, but might as well get it done while I was putting in the clutch.


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And look the tech only gets paid 2.8 hours to do that to your truck. That's pull the tranny, check the clutch manufacturer, order the part, replace the parts and reinstall transmission. Even tho when parts on hand it can be done in less than half the time it pays it's still a freaking jip when you get 17 bucks an hour.. That's why I quit! Lol warranty pays real shitty