Oil Pan Spacers - Group Buy


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I have had a couple of people ask about these.

I sold the last of my stock a few weeks ago and was not planning on making anymore.

I will make a small run if I can get three (3) people that want them.

Price will be $300 shipped without a baffle.

Does not include oil pick up tube. You will reuse your own.

Price will be $450 shipped with a baffle.

I need at least three (3) people to do this.

If we get three (3) people that want them, I will take $100 deposit and will ask for the balance when it is time to ship.

It will take about three (3) weeks to make them.

0. Coupe w/baffle.


I realize this thread is almost a year old. If still feasible, I'll take one with a baffle please. Thank you.


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for a really great product. Pretty sure saved me $$$, when I ended up doing 360s in tha grassy highway median on tx 288 south.


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0. Coupe w/ baffle
1. *IrunnIt* w/ baffle
2. Wizard w/ baffle
3. NHXRUNNER w/ baffle
4. SgtBadA w/ baffle


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My machinist will be out on vacation this coming week.

I will ask for everyone's $100 deposit by the end of this week 6/18/17.

I will send a PM to everyone on the list along with my paypal address.

With the current schedule I have, it will probably be 4 weeks after I give the machinist the approval to start.